Executive Summary

Executive Summary

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Legal Business Description

TNN is headed by Corey Jason Thomas. Initially the business was to be organized as a partnership, but Mr. Thomas has taken full responsibility for TNN. Once established and operations proceed at a progressive pace, we look forward to becoming a Limited Liability Company.


Mr. Thomas has founded T.N.N.in order to provide multimedia services to those in the Middle Georgia area. Most of whom otherwise would not have consistent computer/Internet access. We are looking to provide a user-friendly Internet Lounge, an atmosphere where those who may not be familiar with computer usage can come and learn to use our equipment with ease. The lounge will be in existence to procure the capital necessary to initiate the start-up of serveral subsidiaries.

Overview of the Market

Target Market

TNN is designed to meet the needs of its’ clients, who may include but not limited to:

Individuals, governmental agencies, filmmakers, recording artists, independent contractors, manufacturers, and professional organizations.

Total Market

In addition to the aforementioned client categories, the general public can also account for another segment of the potential market. Even though a majority of these individuals are students and business people. Census data for Bibb County shows that our target market falls anywhere between the ages of 18 and 65. This extremely wide range of ages registers our potential recruiting base at approximately 80,000.

Industry Analysis

Multimedia productions can include still or moving pictures, graphic images, and sounds. Devices such as digital cameras, sound input devices (keyboards, microphones, etc.), and scanners are used with computer programs to create multimedia presentations. Whether the medium is television, print, radio, or the Internet, the various forms of media are mostly used to educate or entertain people. As the climate of world affairs changes, people’s interests evolve. With the media industry and consumers constantly searching for the next big “trend”, those providing information/entertainment will have to be aware of these changes, and work them into their overall development and use of ideas. This important background information helps us to determine what future trends may be, and how to capitalize on these findings through market research.

As of the year 2015, there were approximately 6,960, 581 people residing 
in the radius surrounding Fulton County and "15.7%" of the population people living below the poverty line. TNN intends to cater to these people who don’t have consistent computer/Internet access, by offering a low cost approach to their problems. It is predicted that the numbers will gradually drop as our business advances to reduce the technological gap between the haves and the have-nots. However, even if the number drops, there is a large percentage of the population receiving help from the Department of Labor. If we can assist in bringing jobs to the area, we will be eligible for tax breaks given by the state of Georgia. 

The predicted decrease in the overall poverty level of Central Georgia will be due in part to the availability of the computer/Internet access that TNN plans to provide. By providing our services, we hope to give others hope. By diversifying our business, we can create additional job opportunities for the city. Once successfully established, we can focus on youth-building programs to stimulate an interest in the arts and educate the youth in our field of business. This as a valuable educational tool and a productive way for the youth to gain interest in future job opportunities within our business.


Competitive Analysis

Within Bibb County there are a few hundred facilities, from Labor Placement Services, to the public library, to private businesses, that offer access to the job market. TNN will set itself apart from the pack by utilizing a student-based workforce, the projects we create will provide valuable experience to those training in relevant career paths (music, graphic design, abstract sculpture, publishing, etc.) in Fulton County. The Network will then act as a community enterprise to assist in artist development, and it will exist as a platform for these creators to distribute their work from to the rest of the world.

Our counseling objectives include: preparing the disadvantaged for interaction in the age of the Internet, replenishing the job market, contributing to a technically competent work force, providing a basis for confidence in self-expression, offering critical assistance in defining feasible career/promotion objectives, and supplying information on what is needed to reach defined audiences with maximum efficiency. We offer to work closely with the client from conceptual premise to the final production of each project. Our services have been divided so that we can refine our strategy as the needs of each client change.


Goals & Objectives

The TNN Internet Lounge will exist to provide a user-friendly atmosphere where those who may not be familiar with computer usage can come and learn. The TNN Design Studio's goal is to provide cutting edge designs to be licensed by manufacturers. There are many companies that are considered manufacturers, yet they do not even make any of their products, they assign that work to subcontractors. We will also create the design and prototyping work as a cost saving measure against large overhead charges. Some of the target market does consist of entrepreneurs who will license a product, and then shop it around to different manufacturers, often overseas to have the products mass-produced. Sometimes they will be responsible for the distribution and marketing of the product; sometimes they will sell the license to their customer.

The Offering

1) WiFi/Internet Access/Media Training
(Initial orientation, User Account Set-Up, Hourly/Monthly Package)

2) Modeling/Talent/Branding/Image Consultation
(Initial interview, training on self-promotional techniques, assessment)

3) Photography Portfolio
(Initial assessment, photo-shoot [3-10 different “looks” and settings, photo CD, optional], organization / layout)

4) Digital/Event Photography
(Initial set up, preview of pictures to select for print/packaging)

5) Graphic Design
(Design premise, pre-production, final publication design)

6) Brochures / Flyers / Posters / Biographies / Press Kits / Newsletters
(Design, plus color test print)

7) Music CD Cover Design
(Advanced photography, customized graphics)

8) Composite Cards
(Optional photo-shoot, layout)

9) Music Production
(Creation of instrument/vocal arrangements, editing for final stage of production)

10) Video Recording, Editing, Duplication, and More!!
(Set up/documentation, sequencing, extra copies)

Facilities and Operations


The current location for TNN is 42 Inman Street, Suite 420, Fairburn, GA 30213.


For its formative stage the business is operating out of a home office at the above address. Though the present space and resources are somewhat adequate, we will need larger working spaces, professional equipment, and office furniture in order to support its introduction to the public and the growth that follows.

Capital Equipment

TNN will require additional equipment, supplies, and materials. The president, Mr. Thomas has accumulated experience with desktop publishing materials during his years of schooling, and is preparing a list of what will be needed to supplement our present inventory.

Availability of Labor

Bibb County has a population of about 256,000 people. Though its’ growth rate was only .3% between 2010 and 2015, Georgia’s population is estimated at 18,684,000. With 615 people per square mile, and 19.1% of Bibb County’s residents below poverty attracting employees should not be difficult.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Marketing Overview and Objectives

The Nepalm Network’s marketing and sales strategy will focus on raising public awareness of our business and build on the referrals of our current clients. We are particularly interested in individuals/companies who may need conceptual direction, designs, music, image consultation, photography, video documentation, Internet access, or promotional ideas for production. Word-of-mouth advertising and referrals from other professional institutes will be critical to our growth. A variety of local promotional efforts will be launched in order to maximize revenues.

The marketing objectives are:

* Generate a 50% increase of repeat customers each year.
* Generate brand awareness, tested by an increase of company recognition at
the different industry trade shows in Atlanta and in other cities.
* Increase the number of unsolicited projects and events by 14% each quarter.
* Reduce the labor hours associated with a common project through gains of
operating efficiency and time management.

Pricing Strategy

As a new business, it is important that TNN adopt a competitive pricing strategy. Much of what is charged in this industry depends upon what is required for the job, which is developed and finalized in the premise. When they are not, billing will be done using established competitors’ pricing models as benchmarks. For this portion of the business, a particular strategy of charging lower rates in order to expand our market share will be considered.

The average hourly billing for our services will be about $5 for WiFi/Internet access, $50 - $100 for digital photography, graphic design, branding, and/or image consultation, and $120 - $4200 for music production, video recording, editing, duplication, while offering discounts for new clients, former customers, and group rates.

Promotion Strategy

A variety of promotional strategies will be implemented to grow the client base of TNN. A listing in the area phone books will be accompanied by listings in Internet and professional directories. Especially important will be establishing of advertisements in industry journals/ entrepreneur magazines, website development, and attendance/display booths at industry networking seminars. Each event will serve as an excellent vehicle for making our new businesses (and joint-ventures) known on a global scale.


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