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Knowledge is Power...

Knowledge - to know the ledge.

It has been said that, "Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous..."

I don' t believe in coincidences. nor do I believe in God's anonymity. God is present erveywhere, some call it The Omnipresence.

There is no such thing as coincidences, everything happens for a reason (God Works in Mysterious Ways).

True reasoning comes from the use of intuition to guide our decisions.

It has also been said that, "there are no short-cuts to anyplace worth going."

Short-cuts can often lead one into a fall, decline, or sudden drop- sometimes in the form of a cliff, ditch, or void.

If one is to travel safely, one must have the awareness to gain the knowledge or access to information about potential perils along any journey. 

To "know the ledge" means to be aware of the edge.

To be aware of the edge means one knows where to go/step to avoid falling.

Awareness is key to overstanding our place in the universe...  

Our place in the universe is to gain knowledge, apply the knowledge to access the power, and seek wisdom.

Power is Wisdom...

Knowledge is power, and power is wisdom...

They (knowledge, power, wisdom) help us to deal with whatever is ahead, and how to find answers in order to directly solve an array of problems that may arise.

I think that when one forms a clear idea, fill it with desire, and decides to proceed, angels are gathering their forces to move the energy necessary to manefest that goal into reality.

Wisdom is the key to understanding...

Since we are all born with a desire to learn, it is up to each individual to seek understanding by not leaning to thine own.

It has also been said that the beginning of wisdom is to know that one knows nothing.

The answer to life lies within. We must look inside of ourselves and find the strenght to carry on our collective responsiblity to our youth.

Throughout my journey, I have felt as if I am being guided by an outside force, this "Presence" has become more and more defined as I move along this narrow path.

Each of my experiences seem, in retrospect, divinely guided to help me play a particular role in this life-cycle.

When I look back, I can see that all of what has transpired prepares me for what is ahead.

Our instructions are carried in our soul, divinely guided, and accessed through intuition.

Life is only understood backwards (in hindsight).

One can look, but must move forward - neva backward...