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We are Concentrating on Multi-Level Development:

We consult, by taking into consideration the potential impact on the lives of each participant, each goal, or project, then we assist in the achieving of goals.

"Acquiring the fire to inspire others to climb higher, going after their dreams and desires..."

We will concentrate on developing a network that will consist of:

Aspiring Artists, Commercial Businesses, Film Makers, Governmental Agencies, Independent Contractors, our growing student population, and others who may need the professional attention we give to the details that their projects require.

Our staff is trained to offer a multitude of services for the media savy or novice computer user.

Our clients and program participants deserve the best, and we are glad to help.

Our reputation LIVES in our participants' successes and customer satisfaction.

Anything Else?

We are particularly interested in creating a program for those interested in learning about the various aspects of the entertainment industry. We look to focus on mentoring and tutoring programs in the form of classroom-like settings which are structured around areas like artist development, beat mapping/music production, collecting royalties, desktop publishing/graphic design, event promotion, photography/video editing, etc.

Free your mind...

We also publish media and create events that utilizes relevant information to emphasize public awareness of potential solutions for some of our communities’ problems. We have to believe in ourselves in order to help ourselves - or anyone else for that matter.


We look to create leverage by getting students interested in being successful through a concert series concept entitled the “TNN’s Stay in School Jam”. Our objective is to motivate middle and high school students to stay in school and graduate. The concert series is structured in a way in which we would like to bring a major recording artist into the city to coincide with the end of each semester for the students in the Bibb County School System. For those students on the Honor Roll and/or with perfect attendance, there will be special rewards - like their own sections in the front row, and group pictures with the artists. If proven succesful, we will immediately implement the program nationwide.

T.E.A.M.WORK!! (TogetherEveryoneAchievesMoreWORK)

The team that we are assembling to handle a majority of the tasks associated with the concert series (and it’s promotion) will come from our interns from the local colleges. We want to be able to offer them a stipend for handling the responsibilities of creating announcements and promoting the events through their student government associations. Those preparing to graduate and recent graduates of our program will be in charge of recruiting and training the new interns.


TNN anticipates the opportunity to provide openings for our youth (high school and college students) to participate in the vast career fields of media and entertainment. The various forms of media are (including, but not limited to) books, graphic novels, fashion, magazines, music, photography, radio, the internet, and television.

N.E.P.A.L.M. = We (Need Everyone Producing Accurate Leadership & Motivation)

C. Jason Thomas, Founder and Director

C. Jason Thomas, 33, Macon, GA, is founder and director of T.N.N., and TRAILBLAZER TV. Both designed to inspire, develop, and connect underrepresented artists, musicians, scholars, and mentors with those who are innovating, leading, and making a difference around the globe.

He is dedicated to advancing opportunities for the youth to be creative through positive activities that help tackle numerous social and environmental issues. He also has several years experience in desktop publishing with a B.A. in Communications from Fort Valley State University and is a founding member of the Macon Urban Music Intelligence Association (M.U.M.I.A.).