What the Mind Conceives...

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The body can achieve...

The Laws of the Universe are neither blind or accidental, behind these laws are the living energies of the All...

Living matter does not work automatically, it is guided by a living hand.

They say that: Breathing is considered to be automatic, it is normally referred to as the autonomic system.

Yet, even this system is triggered by a signal from the brain, the signal itself comes from a source unseen...

The Unseen Universe...

The signals sent to the brain originate from the Source of Creation.

This "Source of Creation" is the same Source that conducts the symphony of the stars, the balance of "the Force", the beautifully crafted skies, and the unseen parts of the cosmos (universe)...   

Green means Go!

It is in our nature to look for answers, we are to use our minds and find guidance in various signs.

Just as the green light gives us the permission to proceed forward, God is the green light and we must look to him for our guidance...

Give God tha Praise!

I let my thoughts and tears scar the page

Better days feel so far away                                                                                                                        

They seem to get closer with each C-GAR I blaze                                                                                             

Welcome to the world-survivin' throo dark days                                                                                        

Tryin' to make it to a place in which we can parlay                                                                                       

Our success into something that can start a way                                                                                           

To connect with our roots and embark on plays                                                                                                

That will get us to the inzone - 10 poems start to raise                                                                                

The mindstates of the listenaz-who are into my remarks of rage                                                          

Transformed into something constructive to bust throo the hardest daze                                                         

The farthest gaze - I went to the HyMajesty and my card was the sharpest Ace                                                 

The will if the All will prevail, regardless of race, creed, or the darkest slaves                                                

Socio-Economic Departmental Graves                                                                                                        

Where tha dollahz at? All in your face                                                                                                  

Abundance in tha midst of poverty, Where's all tha weight?                                                                              

Two tears in a bucket, who got that revolving fate?                                                                           

Rehabilitation is not incarceration                                                                                                           

Who's making all the cake?                                                                                                                   

When we get out, we still on probation                                                                                            

Quotations from tha A-Team's small B.A.                                                                                                 

Bachelor Arts, Master of Sparks                                                                                                                   

When I start to blaze, giving God tha praise!