If This Was The Matrix...

T.N.N.  Executive Summary
If This Was The Matrix...   KNOWLEDGE IS POWER...
The Unseen... What the Mind Conceives...  Concentration? F.P.I.? We Are Custom Built... ...From Red Clay The Recipe?  If Knowledge Corresponds to the Past...   For More Information...   NEPALM S.E.W.N. (The Lyrics) THE NEPALM NEWSLETTER  Mr. Nepalm (Bio)

What Pill Would You Choose? Red or Blue?

Back for tha 1st time, contracted to grind
I Am combines into I'm - 1st in line
I climb the inclines of my mind to find
The truth-since the proof resides in a rhyme
When it's inspired by Divine-Inspiration
Like what is found in the pages of the ages
Called the Basic-Instructions-Before-Leaving-Earth
Which is realer than the Matrix-which pill are you taking?

It's your decision to make-so make it

-Taken from "If This was The Matrix" by Cornell South



"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes..."

The Matrix (1999) 


We are looking for people of your caliber to become involved with TNN, and I personally want to extend an invitation to each of you (the artists you represent, and/or your company) to become part of TNN also known as The Nepalm Network (Sponsored in Part By: The N.O.W. Foundation).

Naturally Organized Wisdom (N.O.W.)

TNN (a National Program Aimed @ Leadership & Motivation ) was created to exist as a support channel to help inspire, motivate, and facilitate positive change in the lives of our nation’s youth. Information is the key to opening the door to knowledge. The door to knowledge then leads to wisdom’s vast backyard. We want our participants to understand the principles of true success. The “keystones” to a successful network is the association (and collective effort) of like-minded individuals working toward one common cause.


TNN offers an opportunity to those who want to prepare themselves to become productive members of society. Sadly, many of our youth feel they have nowhere to turn. They are aggressively advertised to through the cultural promotion of materialistic gain as means to define who they are as a person. Clearly, our youth need strong role models in their everyday lives - those who are related to them, may have trouble truly understanding their world of fashion, music, and entertainment available 24 hours a day through the Internet.


It has been said that, “Effective mentoring doesn’t end with our blood relatives...” The same is true within The N.O.W. Network. Here at TNN, we also offer mentorships in the form of structured interaction with our corporate and professional affiliates. Our main focus is to develop a network that consists of talented people with ideas, motivational speakers with the right skills, and professionals who are looking to provide real-world experience to those determined to find careers inside their field of interest.

We Are Having An Open-Call For All and Any Aspiring:

Actors/Actresses, Artists, Audio Engineers,

Business Managers, Cinematographers, Dancers, Directors, Models,

Producers, Visual/Graphic Designers, Special Effects/C.G.I.

Artists, Print/Online Journalists, Composers, Editors (Video/Print),

Lighting Technicians, Photographers, Web Designers, Publishers,

Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs, etc.

Our Open Call is also extended to Professional and Practicing:

A&R's, Managers, Marketing / Advertising Agents,

Producers, Promoters, Venture Capital Investors, Money

Finders, Distributors (Foreign/Domestic), Entertainment

Lawyers / Attorney(s), Investors, Sponsors, Grant Writers,

Film Makers, Accountants, Art Directors, Program/Music

Directors, Magazine Creators / Contributors / Editors,

Retail Buyers, Display Designers, Wholesalers, etc.