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Fundamental Points of Importance

Our Fundamental Points of Importance revolve around developing a strong sense of purpose, confidence, discipline, the value of an education, humility, and obedience in the hearts and minds of our participants.
It is equally important that we teach (the concepts aforementioned, and in addition to) lessons on controlling various economic, mental, physical, professional, and spiritual resources to influence our respective environments toward positive growth.

Concrete Example:

One of our Training/DesignStudios is projected to be centered in a building that housed Video Warehouse located on Hartley Bridge Road, which is an exit off of Interstate 475 in the city of Macon, Ga.

This location will offer:

1) High visibility, due to its’ location in proximity of an intersection (Hartley Bridge Rd./Houston Rd.)

2) A possible FedEx/Kinko’s Joint Venture or Kiosk inside our location, due to the fact that there is only one location in Macon - on Tom Hill Sr. Blvd. - on the opposite side of town


3) Close access to Interstates 75 an 475 


4) The opportunity of capitalizing on an underdeveloped market that consists of those who may need our services or to utilize the opportunity we present though providing access to our computer lab, equipment, wi-fi “hotspot” section, etc.


"I'm trying to free your mind...

But I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it."

Basic Evolution Strategy

The professional development of future leaders is a definite priority at TNN.
It is an equal priority that we structure our world around positive concepts to emulate those who are successful and encourage forward progress.
Professional engagement in our communities (facilitated by TNN) are designed to enhance and uphold the constructive standards that will develop leaders.
Our Basic Evolution Strategy is set in place to lay the groundwork for the development of projects that will make a significant impact on our most valuable resource - our youth.

TNN's Training/Design Studio(s)

TNN’s Training/DesignStudio‘s mission is to provide cutting edge information in the form of services offered to individuals and business who may need information, such as:
Someone who will listen to them, guide them, possible provide some conceptual direction on potential advertising campaigns/company logo designs, image consultation, professional photography, printing/promotional ideas for production, video documentation, and other variations of media that may need to be commissioned/licensed for use.