from Red Clay

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G.A. STATE TURF (Red Clay)

"...sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path..."



We Raise The Stakes Verse Afta Verse...

Red Clay - Red Dirt

and It Get's Worse...

Until Ya Head Bursts!

Bread made from intellectual worth

I got scared and went ta church

I got prepared and hit tha turf

I got tha flares and begin to burst... 

It's just abrasive enuff to hurt

Just embrace the leason learnt

Then make the lesson work

This way your blessings search - for a way to make it work...

Even in darkness...

You should face what you are afraid of first...

Before the grenades explode

And you laid low in tha dirt...

G.A. State Turf

My thought process is not bound by limitations

I send Four-hundred and Twenty salutations

2 tha underground without hesitation

I bring divinations - divine speech in a poem with quotations... 

Red Clay - Red Dirt

I came to explain the mode of my whole brain - don't hate

My flows take ya mind out for collard greens and hoe cake

I shake hands, conversate while I race

And ride on the back roads back to Macon... 

My presentation is makin' tha wind that fans the flame and fire leavin' devastation

Burnin' trees across the nation of states

When they were taken from the indigenous throo claim staking

Researchin' how the slaves were not paid reparations

Then conceptualizing on how this relates to minimum wages... 

I turn pages in books, magazines, newspapers, scrolls, and holy texts - then I pray

To overstand what it says about the last days - we are in space

About 93 million miles from the solar face

Third rock from the sun in the milkyway...