The Recipe?

The Recipe?

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Big Words and Loud Sounds...

Why choose big words and loud sounds? Because! The recipe is in such a simple format, I can customize the words and sounds to fit any purpose and any subject with ease.

Against All Odds...

Words and Sounds have the ability to inspire, give one strength, encourage, and make one excited about certain aspects of life that normally may go overlooked.

The words and sounds we present are roadmaps to personal and community development.

Everything we need to know, we already have embedded deep within our collective memory.

As was stated in the beginning, "if we recount the countless life-threatening conditions we have collectively survived, we can recall the sacrifices of our ancestors."

The ability to identify with the struggles of our ancestors determines our capacity to recognize the struggles of the present.

These abilities are essential to our potential to engage challenges that arise in the future...


When one is spiritually stable enough to give of oneself without depleting its' own resources, one can begin to fulfill their destiny.

One must first generate positive energy. Spiritual stability is tested when one is faced with negative energy, but this is the balance.

One must overstand that energy is not created or destroyed, it simply changes shape.

With that in mind, one must then realize that they are capable of transforming negative into positive energy.

One must not be bound to the physical plane in order to achieve spiritual energy.

Energy is multi-dimensional, yet visibly manifested in the physical plane of existence...

Stolen Legacy

We are up against a system,

"...and that system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see?"

Representations of reality...

Some are blind, and have no insight into the manifestation of the abundance that the universe represents. 

Uncontrolled persons squander their gifts for purposes that have no permanent value.

These purposes have been defined as "pursuits of happiness" by those who dictate the flow of information we receive, and this resembles a system of suggestive control.

That system, and those like it are our enemy. The people who are apart of these malignant systems are the very people we are here to save.

Yet, many are so dependent on these systems that they will fight tooth and nail to protect what they "know" or beLIEve.

One must overstand that most of these people are not ready to take full advantage of their minds, this external existence, and the spirit that dwells within.

They are practically asleep to the truth, the concept of introspection, change, and the fact that they are even asleep.

We are here to reawaken all to the All, but until we do - these people are still apart of those systems that restrict true growth.

Are you with them or Us?




Respect is collected, so check it-check it...


As I sit at the DEADEND

Thoughts flow from my head and then directs tha pen

My bread's been - set in - adjustin' to tha session

Salutations and blessings to my bredren

No Questions, we fresh in the flesh and weapon testin'

On PublicTransit - effervescent trax - out tha shack and residence

I represent connections with tha present tense

My Evidence - Dilates Peoples, we back again with tha medicine

Intelligent flows while most remain negligent

The settlement - in this red clay is prevalent

When imports come in and have neva been

Exposed to this type of daily regimen

Of bomb rhymes, sunshine, and ganja pine on dek and then

Sip Patron to zone on microphones with no hesitant

Attributes - I have to shoot - my statements like Smith and Wessons

Then you can second guess it, ask questions after I Rekk it and leave it disconnected

Respect is collected, so check it-check it...

Thoughts flow from my head and then Direkks tha pen

As I sit at tha DEADEND, my bread's been set in

Adjustin' to tha session, salutations and blessings to tha ladies and bredren

Respect is collected, so check it-check it...



We look to provide a platform to develop leaders in the various fields of entertainment and media by solidifying ourselves as innovators not imitators of others.

Our goal is to establish, contribute, and maintain mutually profitable relationships, so we can reach our fullest potential through the combination of our team's ideas, talents, and resources...