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Power is Wisdom...

Wisdom is the Key to Understanding...

Understanding is the Gate to Obedience...


1ST - We learned to crawl

2ND - We learned to walk

Walk With Me... We are going to Learn how to Walk the Walk!

1st step: Pray for guidance

2nd step: Use what you know

3rd step: Learn as you go!

4th step: Repeat 1-3


"Commitment Leads to Action"

Is the Mind like a Computer? Yes, it only does what we tell it...

It has also been said that - "The mind is like a computer. If you put nonsense in, you'll get nonsense out."

This means we have to find a way to develop effective educational institutions capable of bringing out the knowledge already inside each of us.

I have heard it put in more simple terms, "If a n*gga knew better, he'd do better."

Even in the simplest terms, it is stated that knowledge is indeed power.

Power is wisdom, because wisdom is applied knowledge.

Never before has business practices and industry guidelines changed as much as they have in the past few years...

The changes in our fiscal and physical environments will continue into the future, and we as entreprenurs have to be knowledgeable about different platforms for economic development.

We must discipline ourselves to guard what is used to fertilize our minds; it is an ongiing process that we must engage in as if our lives depended on it.

As a matter of fact, our lives do depend on it.

What is it? It refers to the awakening of some, the reawakening of others, and the process of taking control of our collective destiny.

We must research our history, interests, trade, and the science of business to build a solid foundation of information.

One must have a secure foundation to ensure the house will not lose ground.

We have two options, pay someone who knows a little more, or go to The Omniscent One... The Omnipotent One... The All-Mighty...The EverLiving GOD... The Most High for free.




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